FHKU 2013 is canceled

Dear readers,

the FHKU Too in May 2013 will unfortunately not happen.

There have not been enough confirmed attendees to make renting the MHC possible, combined with a high number of explicit cancellations.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Perhaps 2014 will be better!

Until 2013!

The second free and hanseatic kink unconference (the FHKU Too) will take place on 11th and 12th May 2013 at the MHC Hamburg.

More information will become available latest in early 2013; but save the date for a long weekend in Hamburg today!

Meet and Greet on Friday

Hi all,

wow, just wow! We expected only a handful of attendees would want to join the meet & greet on Friday already, and surely we could just arrange an easy dinner ad-hoc. Well, turns out that over fifty (50!) of you already want to join, which was slightly over capacity 😉

The plan: we will start our meet and greet at 18:00 – 18:30 at the Unschlagbar, very close to S-Bahn Reeperbahn. From there, we will split off into smaller groups for dinner. This should allow the flexibility we need, and allow people to arrive whenever their jobs and travels allow.

There will be a sign on one of the tables.

Enjoy & see you there!

Four more days …

Only four days until the conference takes place!

Right now, we have 68 registered attendees, and a couple more in some online communities. So we should have a wide variety of people attending our unconference; if you’re still wondering what to expect, this explanation may be helpful.

We’re in the final planning stages; buying perishables, sorting out the decorations, drilling the holes for the suspension points into the ceiling, … And excited to meet you all soon!

There was a mistake in a previous post: pre-registration did not close on May 11th, just pre-payment. Pre-registration is still open! You can still sign-up to make it on to the guest list!

Google Group created

Dear attendees of the Free and Hanseatic Kink Unconference,

some of you have expressed a desire to discuss travel/sleeping arrangements and other plans around the FHKU. Since not everyone is subscribed to FetLife or the other communities, let’s use this Google Group for such discussions!

We are all looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg – the countdown is running!


Just 2 weeks left to go!

Dear readers, in just two weeks, the FHKU is already going to be in full swing, and we’ll be getting ready for the party! If you have not secured your place yet, this is the last chance to pay in advance (closes on May 11th, after that, only pre-registration remains open), and to participate in a wonderful, open, and passionate event around all things kink.

As of May 5th 2012,

  • 47 attendees have already registered by e-mail and thus secured their attendance, and
  • FetLife lists 79 (34 + 45) attendees that (maybe) going,
  • Sklavenzentrale has 27 attendees.

If you haven’t yet, please join the FetLife discussion group and participate!

And please spread the word – we hope to reach out to a wide variety of scenes, from poly to tantra, SM to swingers, sex workers, heterosexuals and gender-queer, contact improvisation, and everything kinky.

We look forward to sharing with and learning from you all!

Current tally

As of April 19th 2012,

  • 39 attendees have already registered by e-mail and thus secured their attendance, and
  • FetLife lists 78 (31 + 47) attendees that (maybe) going,
  • Sklavenzentrale has 25 attendees.

The FHK-U is filling up quite nicely with just one month left to go! Secure your place today!

Introducing the Free and Hanseatic Kink Unconference!

The Free and Hanseatic Kink Unconference (FHKU) takes place on May 19 & 20 2012 in Hamburg. It is a get-together of people from all sorts of “kinky” backgrounds – be it BDSM, tantra, poly, dancing, swingers – who wish to to meet awesome people, share they knowledge and experiences, and gain new ones.

This website is going to spread the news as the conference – and the party, oh my, the party! – nears, and as a resource to explain what it actually is all about.

See our unconference explanation for more details about the open space format, and the event details at a glance for the summary.